6/2016 - Playing with Members of The Des Moines Symphony

Members of the Des Moines Symphony string section played with the Glenn Miller Orchestra at the Glenn Miller Birthplace Society festival in Clarinda, Iowa.  It was a great time!  We got an opportunity to dig into some of the music Miller wrote during the Second World War.  The string players were such wonderful musicians and great to work with.  Here's to hoping we can do it again next year.

3/2016 - Guest at UC Davis

I'm extremely excited to spend a few days at the University of California's campus at Davis.  It is a great place and I'm really excited to get an opportunity to work with some of the students there.  I'll be playing a bit with some of their jazz orchestras and combos as well as giving a few private lessons.  If you're in the area let me know!

1/2016 - Touring With the Glenn Miller Orchestra
This year I will be on the road with the Glenn Miller Orchestra.  This is an exciting opportunity for a bit of travel and to work with some great musicians.  More to come!

8/2015 - Performance at UArts Summer Academy
As this epically slow summer draws to a close, a performance of the L/O book at the UArts summer academy was definitely a highlight.  Its always enjoyable to perform music for students and aspiring musicians in their late teens and early twenties as their excitement can be contagious.  

4/2015 - Downbeat Award
I just got word from Colorado that I won a Downbeat Student award as a graduate student soloist.  They asked if they could submit two pieces, an excerpt from a solo concert and part of an original quintet piece recorded while I was in school.  I must say that I'm surprised one of these two pieces won an award as I always felt Downbeat favored a more 'straight-ahead' approach than what I submitted.  Regardless, I am happy they enjoyed the pieces and humbled to have my work recognized.Type your paragraph here.

3/28/2015 - New Music to Premiere 4/10
During my time here in Altoona I've begun to write a book of music for two tenors and drums.  I'm really excited to premiere these pieces on April 10th at PSU Altoona's Wolf Kuhn Theater.  Details about the event can be found on the Penn State Altoona website.  I'll be joined by Dan Monaghan and Mike Cemprola, two of my favorite musicians to work with.

1/2015 - Altoona Residency Begins
Today I moved to Altoona to begin a residency at the Penn Sate campus there.  I'm excited to work with the students and get some time to compose.  More to come...

11/2014 - Epic Hard Drive Crash
For those of you who had been waiting for the AZTeC studio record I have some bad news.  Tim was out in Denver to work a bit more on the mixing but the hard drive containing the AZTeC session crashed and all of the recordings have been lost.  Now that everyone is spread across the country I don't know how easy it will be to re-record. 

9/2014 - Guest at UArts
Today I had the great privilege of speaking to the saxophone studio at Philadelphia's University of the Arts.  I gave a brief lecture on the benefits of preparing solo performances and had the students try a few exercises that have helped me prepare for this type of performance.  The students were great.  Motivated, and willing to put themselves out there, I enjoyed their playing and feel that the discussion was beneficial to all.

7/1/2014 - Back to Philadelphia
Leaving Colorado today and headed back east.  Looking forward to reconnecting with many friends and players.

5/29/14 - AZTeC Recording
One of the best groups I've gotten to play with, AZTeC, has just recorded a new CD.  The material still needs to be mixed but the project is coming together nicely.  More news on this to come.