• TBT4:56
  • Selections from First Blood10:29

  • Emcee and D4:18
  • Walls4:32
  • How?8:14

Low and Outside - Live @ PSU Altoona (4/15)

These pieces are from a collection of music I've written for two tenor

saxophones and drum set.  This performance was the culmination of

a residency at Penn State University's Altoona Campus.  Mike

Cemprola - Tenor; Dan Monaghan - Drums

Moonlight Lampshade (5/14)

‚ÄčThese selections are from a new CD featuring guitarist Tim Wendel, drummer Alwyn Robinson, bassist Matt Smiley, and pianist Annie Booth.  By Any Other Name is a waltz whose melody and harmonic root motion were derived using set class [014].  The melody of the title track uses the set class [016] and an interlude with material from set class [01256].

  • By Any Other Name4:44
  • Moonlight Lampshade9:46

Solo Concert (3/14)

The following selections are from a concert I gave at the University of Colorado in 2014.  It was my first exploration of solo saxophone improvisation and quite fulfilling.  December 1952 is my interpretation of the graphical score bearing this name created by Earle Brown.  Literary Improvisation #1 is based on a passage from Jack Kerouac's, On The Road.

  • December 1952 (Brown)4:07
  • Literary Improvisation #17:56

Low and Outside - Live @ Tasker House (5/16)
New recordings of everyone's favorite Two Tenor Trio!!  These selections were taken from a split bill show at Tasker House in Philadelphia with the Federal Winds Quintet.